Belly Dance

With a striking poise and the fine control of a seasoned professional dancer, Marina’s belly dancing performances are shimmering spectacles that enchant and delight audiences of any size. Marina’s cabaret style is influenced by her diverse dance training from hip hop to contemporary, with support from advanced workshops in tribal style, traditional folkloric, turkish and classical persian techniques.

Marina has performed in festivals, stage productions, dinner theatre, weddings, corporate events, and troupe shows with Seher, UCSB Middle Eastern Ensemble and Desert Dream. She has graced many stages, ranging from performing a short dramatic act as part of a cirque show to full 30 minute cabaret sets for elegant dining entertainment.

First training with internationally known Alexandra King in 2001, Marina recognized that out of all the dance forms that she had studied, belly dance came the most naturally to her. She advanced quickly and was soon performing as a soloist. She went on to study with Janelle Rodriguez and continued to refine her unique style as a soloist. Marina has since become a veteran belly dancer and instructor, never ceasing to be inspired by new techniques and music. She specializes in balancing sword, veil and finger cymbals.