Partner Acrobatics

With her technical training and intuitive kinesthetic ability as a dancer, Marina seamlessly melds fluidity and grace into powerful acrobatic sequences. From performing in a traditional circus ring to contemporary stage shows to street performances, Marina and her partner can adapt to a plethora of venues and themes.

Almost an acrobat by birth, Marina began training in gymnastics at the age of 4, leading to success as a flyer on a competitive cheerleading team in high school and eventually to hand-to-hand training at the San Francisco Circus Center. From learning adagio in 2008 with Aurelien Roulin, to training with Lu Yi in chinese acrobatics and handstands, Marina gained a strong foundation for an international career as an acrobat, performing hand to hand in shows like Cirque Polynesia in Maui and the International All-Star Circus in Guam.

Although she often appears as a soloist in her other performance styles, Marina finds something particularly unique in partner acrobatics. The connection and trust involved creates an intriguing and thrilling experience, not only for the audience but for the performers as well. Marina now performs regularly in Montreal with her hand to hand partner, David Louch.